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Thứ Tư, 8 tháng 7, 2009

[Pic] Is This Miss Malaysia 2002 Karen Ang And Her Leaked Sex Pictures?

Here are a few pictures purported to be of Miss Malaysia 2002, Karen Ang engaging in some wholesome sexual activities. Or it could be a lookalike low budget porn chick getting a face full, either way it is a chick getting royally bukkake. Sorry but I have never heard of Karen Ang before and not too much information was attached to these pictures. Don't know if its really her but a couple of people have been froward them to so I will let you decide for yourselves. Karen Ang seem to be a lady of many talents and interest.

These images appear to be stills from a porn video but I have yet to receive the video so the authenticity are in question until some one send in the video with audio. Hopefully a Miss Malaysia didn't have to turn to making porn. I would like to know if this is real and if it was made before or after the whole Miss Malaysia thing. Anyway. if this is real it wouldn't be the first for a national beauty queen, same shit happened to Miss Norway a few year back when it came to everyone's attention she was a pornographic actress. I will try to get that up but in the meantime judge these for yourself. Click on pictures to enlarge.

For comparison, here are is Karen Ang:

Karen Ang Lit Eit (32 year-old) is a Malaysian beauty queen and model. She was a stewardess before winning Miss Malaysia 2002.

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